A Ford F-150 to Challenge Ram’s 1500 TRX? Try This 675-HP Mil-Spec

Mil-Spec calls its supercharged Blue Oval the Intrepid F-150, as it features the company’s Intrepid Performance Package. In addition to the supercharger, this warranty-friendly high-performance package includes upgraded fuel rails, 47 lbs./hour fuel injectors, an air-to-liquid intercooler within the lower intake manifold, a new throttle body, new intake, and a cat-back exhaust system. Combined with a 93-octane tune, Mil-Spec reports some pretty impressive power numbers: a tire-roasting 675 horsepower and 620 lb-ft of torque. That’s one step closer to the Ram 1500 TRX’s insane power numbers.

In its quest to create an “alpha pre-runner,” Mil-Spec metaphorically trashed the factory suspension in favor of the company’s Baja Performance Suspension package that has bits like adjustable 3.0 Fox Racing shocks, relocated rear shock mounts, custom control arms, and different half shafts. Mil-Spec reports that the suspension is capable of up to 12 inches of travel—still less than that of the Ford Raptor or Ram TRX, but more than your run-of-the-mill F-series.

Bulging fenders and bedsides accommodate the uber-wide stance of the Intrepid F-150. Gobs of LED lighting, Addictive Desert Designs front and rear bumpers, and an optional low-profile roof rack and bed spare-tire chase rack are all the rage for off-road vehicles and were aptly taken into account by Mil-Spec. Finally, sleek Mil-Spec exterior and interior badging designate the pre-runner as no ordinary bro dozer build.

Mil-Spec Automotive’s supercharged F-150 combines desert prowess with street truck power, resulting in a complete package suitable for the get-in-and-go type—with plenty of room for customization.

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