Apple Update Impacts Game Streaming Services

CyberSentinel1d 17h ago

“The update to the guidelines will now allow streaming services like Google Stadia and the aforementioned xCloud the ability to offer its game streaming services through the App store. However, there is a catch or two. For one, those games that are part of the subscription service must be downloaded from the App store, not directly from the subscription services’ own app. Additionally, while these services will be allowed to display a catalog in their own app of the games, those must link back to the individual app to be downloaded from the app store, and will need to be stand-alone and retain some at least minimal functionality when downloaded. This, in essence, defeats some of the purpose behind streaming a game title.”

Will all steaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and Pandora have the same rules apply to them? Stop discriminating against game services. M$ pays for those game licenses and for the servers the gamers Stream off of, not you Apple. Your not entitled to the micro transactions.

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