Backwards Compatibility for the Xbox Series X Makes It Better Than the PlayStation 5

SullysCigar7m ago(Edited 6m ago)

Nobody is massively bothered about playing ancient games with dodgy graphics and janky controls. We’ve all been there – I bought the Sega Genesis collection, because I loved most of those games back in the day. Fired it up and it’s sh!te. The cream rises to the top and any games that were that great will eventually be remade to the standard we all expect these days – and many offer the ability to dip into the old graphics for a little nostalgia dip and reality check.

This article is just another (presumably paid for) fluff piece to desperately try to flood the media with stuff – anything – to stop people form talking about and being hyped for PS5.

Once Sony’s event is underway, nobody is talking about Xbox for a week and I’d wager that’s why these articles are hitting now.

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