Big Jeep store opens after pandemic changes sales scene

While some Jeep stores have adopted a casual dress code, the Kelly location will stick with its tried-and-true formula of having salespeople wear suits.

The group hopes the professional look, combined with the new store’s aesthetics, will pay dividends as Jeep works to attract more affluent buyers who are accustomed to upscale experiences. The pinnacle for the brand will be the upcoming Grand Wagoneer, a three-row luxury hauler that will stretch into six-figure territory and aim to compete with the Range Rover.

“We try to follow the same guide as the Ritz-Carlton follows,” Heney said. “I like to use their 10 steps all the time. I call it being professionally bland.”

The new dealership is next door to Kelly’s old Jeep-Chrysler location, which closed for a month when the pandemic began in the spring. Although it’s dedicated to Jeep, the group hasn’t given up on its Chrysler franchise; how it will handle that brand is still being ironed out.

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