October 23, 2020

Chromecasts and Nest displays will soon show date and location of pictures in Google Photos slideshows

Call it a quality-of-life update or maybe even a “quality-of-memory” update: Google will soon begin listing dates and locations of users’ own pictures if they have turned on Google Photos slideshows for their Nest displays and/or Chromecast screens. Display and Chromecast owners were emailed about the change which begins rolling out September 15.

Some who have the slideshow may already see date information and/or album titles on select photos, but by what we infer from the email, Google may be rearranging things or expanding availability.

We aren’t entirely clear on whether Google will show location based solely on EXIF data as logged by the camera or if it will take Google Location History information to fill in any gaps, but you’ll be able to control whether this information appears in your Google Photos library slideshow by opening up the Google Home app, heading to Photo Frame settings, and toggle Personal photo data to either Show or Hide.

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