Developing for next-gen – and 120fps – with Codemasters and Digital Foundry

Ju1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Its just yet another console (performance profile) which needs extra work. Not that cross gen wouldn’t be enough, no, we have another one which is marginally better than last gen (same throughput, but less RAM, with maybe double the frame rate). I wouldn’t be surprised, if all the XS is getting is last gen games with same textures and same effects with twice the frame rate. That’s about it (and in some aspects lower resolution because it can’t do 4K). Be curious what Sony’s going to do with the PS4 Pro. Because it sure can’t stay at $399. And if it doesn’t, it competes more with that then anything. X1X not any more I guess.
So yes, for people complaining last gen is holding next gen back that sure is true for the XS as well. Now, if developers could do XsX exclusives, well then. Will be laughing at DMC5SE if it runs 720p or no RT at all on the XS just so they can release an XsX version.

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