October 22, 2020

Google Pay just added 12 more US banks to its list of supported institutions

It’s difficult to overstate the long-term effort Google’s been making to get more and more financial institutions signed up to work with Google Pay. A couple years back we were talking about the day its list of US banks might hit a cool 2,000 — a milestone that’s in the distant rear-view at this point. And while you might think it would simply run out of banks eventually, we’re already creeping up on 3,000. Helping us along the way to get there, we’ve got nearly a dozen new banks joining the club.

Across the month of June we saw some 40 new banks register their support for Google Pay, and while we’ve got quite a way to go to hit a similar figure in July, these 11 new additions certainly give us a nice place to start:

  • Americana Community Bank (MN)
  • Animas Credit Union (MN)
  • Bank of Alapaha (GA)
  • Finex Credit Union (CT)
  • First Harrison Bank (IN)
  • Frandsen Bank & Trust (MN)
  • GPA Credit Union (GA)
  • Glenwood State Bank (IA)
  • Glenwood State Bank (MN)
  • Heritage Community Bank (MO)
  • Hiawatha Bank and Trust Company (IA)
  • Stride Bank (OK)

Doesn’t add up to 11 for you, either? Well, Google Pay supported Glenwood State Bank before, but neglected to specify which state that was. That means one of them here is new, but we can’t quite say which.

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