I Didn’t Get A PS5 Pre-Order, But Thanks to Sony, I’m Not Mad About It

LeShin1m ago

I have to admit, the author of this article has a point. I have a PC, but the reason I play my Sony consoles a hell of a lot more is simply because of the exclusive games i can’t play on my PC. Having nice graphical power is one thing, but it’s always the GAMES that should determine a gamer’s decision. The reason I bring this up, is I didn’t jump on the PS4 pro as there was no exclusives for it (obviously) so it’s just a boost in performance. To me, it wasn’t worth me investing in a Ps4 Pro and a 4K TV just to play boosted PS4 games .

So if you’re a gamer who just wants to play new games and you’ve just found out some heavy hitters are coming out on the PS5 AND the PS4, you could save a lot of money by not buying the PS5 and the more expensive ‘next gen’ versions of those games and chill. You can wait until it’s essential to get the PS5 when certain games do not come out on the PS4 and you don’t really miss out an anything major in the meantime.

I actually have a PS5 preorder and it’s ONLY because I’m a Demon Souls/Dark Souls/Bloodbourne addict lol. If that wasn’t coming out at the PS5 launch, I wouldn’t have bothered, I have plenty of PS4 games still to complete.

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