Marvel’s Avengers Daily Mission Reset Bug Acknowledged by Devs; Vault Caches Have Hidden Walls

SegaGamer4h ago

Daily missions are one of the worst things to happen to online gaming. It’s just a cheap way to get people to play their game every day. It’s not fun, it’s laborious and makes people feel like they are missing out. In the end, people don’t even enjoy the game anymore, they just keep logging in to do their daily tasks because of FOMO, then they log out again until the next day.

With daily tasks, you’re basically being told when to play the game, rather than playing the game on your own terms. If you try and play on your terms, then you will miss out on things. It’s this kind of thing that has made me hate modern online games. We shouldn’t have to worry about missing out on things because we want to take a break from the game for a little while.

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