October 30, 2020

New Tasker beta integrates with Android 11’s power menu controls

Tasker is one of the most powerful customization tools on Android. It added support for more phone sensors and custom DND settings last month, and it’s getting even better in the latest beta release. Beta version 5.9.4 adds support for the power menu controls introduced in Android 11, allowing users to quickly toggle tasks with a simple press and hold of the power button — and that’s not all.

With this Tasker update, users are able to add custom tiles to Android 11’s power menu controls. This means that any of your tasks can now show up as buttons right alongside Google Home controls and Google Pay cards. Since this is Tasker, these don’t just have to be simple on/off buttons, either. They can be set to toggle true/false variables and show a task’s current progress.

These buttons get even more customizable with the addition of the Power Menu Action action. Using this action allows you to edit a button’s type, title, subtitle, icon, command, and more. It’s even possible to set up a button that changes functions throughout the day, depending on your time, place, or situation. Also included in the 5.9.4 beta is a new Tasker Command Event and Action, as well as support for third-party commands.

The previous update added a ton of cool new features, and this latest release is looking just as interesting. If you’re impatient to get your hands on the update, you can join the beta program here or grab it directly from APK Mirror.


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