PlayStation’s Jim Ryan: We want to give gamers certainty that they’re buying a true next-gen console

boomerang_35m ago

That event just made me relaxed about buying a next gen console. I feel no urgency whatsoever to go out and get one. Selling the ‘only possible because of SSD’ cool aid for months to then quietly inform us that Spiderman is cross-gen which a lot of us already knew it could be, looking at the time frame and assets. If Microsoft pulled a stunt like that all hell would break loose.

The next Horizon joins the foray of cross gen titles too. ‘SSDs allows for bigger open world not possible before’. *Sigh*. Let me guess ‘Demon Souls is only possible on PS5’ because there’s no PS4 version? I don’t have a problem with cross gen titles but when you try to make it seem like you’re all about ‘generations’ to then do exactly what the competition is being chastised for. Shady.

Minimum of 2022 before we see more games taking full advantage of newer hardware. The concept of ‘generations’ is a hoax escpecailly now that we are moving closer to a point of diminishing returns. Also the companies are slowly employing this PC like model. It shows.

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