RazerCon 2020 Online Event Coming In October

Digital events have been largely replacing real-life gatherings in 2020, and gaming peripheral company Razer is hosting its own. Dubbed RazerCon 2020, the inaugural event will take place on October 10 and be livestreamed across Razer’s social media channels.

Razer promises that RazerCon will host new product reveals and game previews, with a keynote from Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan to begin at 9 AM PT. Product managers will host individual showcase panels with new products, and studios like Romero Games, Perfect World, and Paradox Interactive are on-tap to showcase their games. The announcement specifically mentions Empire of Sin and Torchlight 3. The show also promises “the world’s first RGB lighting reactive livestream.”

Naturally, viewers will be able to win some Razer products too, including game beta keys, Razer gear and hardware, and a Razer Blade 15 gaming laptop. The show will wrap up with online concert performances by Sabaton and DragonForce. You can register and find more info through the official site.

“We have a very passionate and hardcore gaming community that has stuck with us for many years, and the idea of having a major gathering for Razer fans and all gamers out there was brought up countless times,” said Min-Liang Tan in the announcement. “2020 has been a challenging year for everyone around the world, greatly limiting physical events. We see RazerCon as an opportunity to celebrate gaming and the Razer community while setting a new standard for online events.”

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