Remember, Microsoft’s New Console Generation Is Just Called “Xbox”

crazyCoconuts2h ago

C’mon, man. Stop trying to make issues out of nothing. Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X are next generation consoles (or are they Series of consoles) from Xbox,which does not believe in generations. They play next gen games which also play on last gen consoles. One of the next gen consoles is worse than a last gen console, but don’t worry, that console is now discontinued. Since we don’t believe in generations, we were careful not to change anything with our controller or UI so that people with last generation consoles don’t get jealous. At least not the people with consoles we haven’t discontinued yet. But remember, all our consoles have a secret weapon called Game Pass (that everyone knows about) where you will never have to pay for the games we create that no one wants to play. Everything is crystal clear, so stop trying to act confused…

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