Royole’s brand new FlexPai 2 does nothing to convince me of foldables

I’m an optimist at heart. I want to love foldables — but I just don’t see the point.

Take, for example, today’s launch of Royole‘s latest foldable: the FlexPai 2. It’s a fine bit of kit, but all I feel is an overriding puzzlement with what it’s meant to achieve.

First though, let’s actually talk about the phone, as the FlexPai 2 is undoubtedly a technical marvel.

According to the company, the display was folded over “1.8 million times during Certified Display Folding Reliability Tests by National Institute of Metrology” in China. As a comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was promised to last at least 200,000 times — a goal it barely achieved 60% of in reality.

There are the usual claims of the FlexPai 2 having the “brightest” and “most color-rich” screen of any foldable, and Royole also states that its hinge technology “holds around 200 patents.” On top of this, the FlexPai 2 is said to have a “truly gapless fold” that has a reduced thickness of 40% compared to its predecessor.

It goes without saying you should take some of the claims above with a hefty pinch of salt, but they are impressive all the same