Sony Literally Cannot Match Microsoft’s Massive Bethesda Deal, Nor Do They Need To

P_Bomb9h ago(Edited 9h ago)

“Sony would only be buying IP rights, not actual studios ready to make massive AAA Silent Hill or Metal Gear games (Hideo Kojima has moved on to his own studio, you’ll recall, and he’d have to be his own “purchase.”) It’s just not a reasonable or relevant suggestion.”

I disagree. Once you have an IP, studios can be hired. Quantic Dream worked exclusively for Sony for years, same way Bluepoint and Housemarque are now. After years of swimming in the DNA of the Uncharteds, SotC and Demons Souls remakes…who’s to say Bluepoint can’t handle a Castlevania and Housemarque can’t handle some bullethell Contra?

Until Dawn wasn’t made in-house and neither was Sackboy which comes out Nov. Judgment was Sega. Kojima teamed with Sony for Death Stranding, who’s to say he wouldn’t do it again to finish PT?

Questions TC could be asking are, what could Metal Gear look like through the eyes of Naughty Dog? Media Molecule will need a gig after Dreams and I don’t think Japan studio are making another Gravity Rush. There’s spots to fill.

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