Sony mislead its audience by not revealing which PS5 games are on PS4

Atom6664h ago

The irony in what you’re trying to point to here is that many were “misled” on this subject; however, most of that came from media, fanboys, and click-bait sites that pushed an inaccurate narrative.

They were able to do so because 1. It was framed in a very pro-Sony way, right? Fanboys relished in the idea that their preferred brand was doing something different, which of course ALWAYS means better.

2. Sony didn’t correct that narrative. Why should they, though? It was to their benefit to have the fanboy wars go in their favor. And at the end of the day, it would be meaningless because they’d still sell these games to the both PS4 and PS5 owners like they alluded to themselves.

So if you want to call out any particular media, call out the ones that twisted this story in the first place. I personally have the receipts from where I actually read what Ryan said back in May and said that it sounded like they’d be doing something very similar to MS’s cross-gen approach. Guess the response I received when voicing that view…

But many others didn’t read his statements, just like they don’t actually read the statements of “other” execs. Instead they eat up whatever narrative sounds best and aligns with their own biases, even though those stories are only twisted for clicks, too.

It’s not a hate train against Sony. It’s both fanboys and click-bait churnalists chasing their own tails rather than admitting that they created the problem in the first place.

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