Sony opens pre-orders for PS5 on its own website

CS715m ago

Bro. I am the biggest Sony fan… but how can you not admit what they did was absolute garbage?

July 2020: “We’ll give you notice before preorders open”

September 2020 (via tweet): “It opens sometime tomorrow at “retailers” XD!” Actually its today haha Sike!”

Every major product gives a preorder date and time. PS5 literally didn’t have one. Not by Sony. Not by retailers.

Not mention that condescending webpage about being selected for the privilege of buying a ps5 with no criteria given.

I literally bought every single playstation ever released with a PSN account since 2008 and was not selected.

This is literally the worse pre-order system I’ve ever seen for a major product.

I grew up on playstation, so PS5 would be my next gen system, but damn this preorder reeks of arrogance and negligence to fans/customers.

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