Sony’s Stance on PS5 Backwards Compatibility Has Been a Mess

purple10119h ago

Just to be clear then

1. 99% of ps4 disks will play on ps5

2. They will ALL Play better, smoother and load faster. But will be the same graphics only displayed sharper / output at higher resolution achieved via algorithm and software trickery.

3.Some will get patch and have updated textures as well as higher resolution output. etc.

4. Some MIGHT get a full remaster. These will NOT be free.

Just the same as a full remaster of a 360/ps3 era FULL REMASTER is not free. example is the new crash team racing. Spyro the dragon and tony hawk’s from activision most recently have been doing. These are nothing like the originals and no one can expect this level.of remaster for free.

5. SOME NEW GAMES releasing within next few months..(SUCH AS DIRT 5, a racing game due to release November 6th in a few weeks.. SOME GAMES LIKE THESE WILL GET A FREE UPGRADE ON PS5. but that’s up to publisher..not SONY.

However please remebe..some ..for example CALL of DUTY, have a minimal fee (£5-10) to upgrade and play on both last/next gen. This seems to be publisher controlled. Dirt 5, for the example used here.. won’t charge you extra…while cod..does..

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