Surface Duo is hard to repair, though you probably already knew that

Microsoft’s Surface Duo is a remarkably thin and light device. It has two folding halves that can rotate around a 360-degree hinge. Microsoft spent years designing and refining the Surface Duo. That’s nice for creating a thin and light device with a unique form factor, but it’s apparently pretty bad for repairability.

iFixit recently tore down the Surface Duo to reveal its glue-filled insides. The Surface Duo has “stubborn glue at all entry points” and has batteries that are glued down. The USB-C port of the device is soldered directly to the main board, which makes it more difficult to repair. For these and other reasons, the Surface Duo earned a 2/10 repairability score from iFixit.

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Microsoft seems to prioritize sticking things in place for safety with the Surface Duo. Microsoft’s own bumper case is one of the best Surface Duo cases, and even it attaches with adhesive.

It’s not that surprising that the Surface Duo isn’t easy to repair, though some will be disappointed. Microsoft focused heavily on making the Surface Duo thin and light, and that seems to have come at the cost of repairability. The addition of the hinge also complicates the device’s design. In general, Surface devices don’t have excellent repairability scores from iFixit, though they’ve gotten better over time.

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