The Boys Season 2 Episode 6 – All Easter Eggs & Things You Missed!

The Boys Season 2, Episode 6 answered some of the season’s longstanding questions. How old is Stormfront exactly? What is her plan for Homelander? What is Lamplighter’s part in it all?

Lamplighter’s introduction was just one highlight of “The Bloody Doors Off”. This one also explored Frenchie’s backstory, added dimension to characters who are evil, and showed good characters doing evil things, with more collateral damage than The Boys themselves are used to causing. And it gave Starlight and Butcher the chance to bury the hatchet and reach an understanding, largely thanks to their mutual love of Hughie–and his love of children’s shampoo.

Naturally, we went over Season 2 Episode 6 with a fine-toothed comb to unearth all the comics references and other hidden Easter eggs that we could find. Watch the video above to see what we found, and check out our Episode 6 video breakdown for more.

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