The Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Collectible Pin Set Redemption is Totally Unfair to True Fans

8bitkyle writes:

“First off, I what to state that I don’t believe that Nintendo was doing anything shady or being deceptive.

But, here I wanted to reiterate more on this whole experience. Like a lot of people, I’m VERY disappointed that I didn’t get to claim the pin set after completing all of the My Nintendo Reward missions.

On top of completing the missions, people HAD to purchase the Super Mario 3D Allstars game in order to even complete a mission to claim the Pin set. So, if you want to think of it this way, the Pin Set actual costed people $60 just to buy the game for people to complete a mission. So, for people who already had the games in the collection (on other the original systems) who may have bought the game just because they wanted to complete the mission is totally unfair. As they are now out $60 if they only wanted the Pin Set.”

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