Top 10 Call of Duty: Black Ops Killstreaks

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War releases this November. Taking place in the early 1980s, the game’s weapons and equipment will represent the time frame (For better or worse). However, since the Black Ops series has been everywhere from the 1960s to 2060s, we wanted to take a look back at some of the best killstreaks and scorestreaks the series has brought us over the years.

Starting off at number 10 is the iconic RC-XD. This explosive RC car is a low-level killstreak featured in every Black Ops title. The 2010 Black Ops “Prestige” collector’s edition even came bundled with a controllable (non explosive) RC-XD to call your own. While it’s not the strongest streak, it’s easily the most memorable. At number 9, we have the Lightning Strike. This scorestreak is featured throughout most of the Black Ops titles and even in most Modern Warfare titles. It’s fast, user-friendly, and has some deadly potential. It’s a solid mid-level streak that lets players select three points of attack. Almost immediately after, fighter jets swarm on and off screen and attack with excellent precision. Maybe even too precise…

Number 8 is the Guardian from Black Ops 2-3. Instead of a sentry gun, why not microwave and annoy enemies with the underrated guardian? Number 7 is the SAM turret from Black Ops 1. With numerous airborne killstreaks, it’s nice to have something other than your rocket launcher to aid you in air control. The SAM turret can help. It’s only job is to fire missiles at airborne killstreaks. It’s only flaw? It can be destroyed easily. Number 6 is the menacing carpet bomber from Black Ops 1 and 3. Once this mammoth b-52 bomber is called in, nothing can help you. Dropping dozens of bombs from above, this killstreak can entirely wipe out small maps, and can even kill you in the process! Our number 5 spot goes to the Loadstar from Black Ops 2. Its precise, laser-guided missile system may take a second to land your hits, but its accuracy guarantees them. Following that at number 4 is the chopper gunner from Black Ops 1. You take control of a chopper gunner with infinite ammo for 60 seconds. While it has no missiles or bombs, you soon learn that the attached gatling gun is all you really need.

Number 3 is the Stealth Chopper, an excellent streak for those who want to remain on the ground with their gun in-hand. Stealth choppers are in most Black Ops games and traditionally secure the map without any assistance from you. You stay on the ground and let the chopper do the killing for you. At number 2 we have the Swarm from Black Ops 2. This is the final scorestreak and for good reason: it punishes the enemy team. Raining down masses of hunter-killer drones, the Swarm rains of the enemy team for 45 seconds. The only way to avoid certain death is to take cover. For number 1, we’re calling in the dogs. Attack dogs have been featured in one way or another throughout all four Black Ops titles (and even prior in Call Of Duty: World At War). For 60 seconds, attack dogs are spawned in and are unleashed at the enemy team. This high-level killstreak is easily one of the most memorable and certainly one of the best.

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