All The Nintendo Switch Games Under $50 Before Prime Day

With Prime Day approaching on October 13, many are awaiting the special day with their wallets ready. As we work on curating the best Prime Day deals, including the best Nintendo Switch deals, we’re finding there are already some fantastic deals already available. So as you gear up for all those Prime Day gaming deals, why not check out some stellar Nintendo Switch games that are currently under $50 before the Prime Day rush takes over. Best of all, these video games are cheap it’s hard to see them being discounted any further on Prime Day.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild — $45, was $60

Arguably the best Zelda game of all time, Breath of the Wild lets you see Hyrule like never before. This open-world Switch game has action, adventure, and excellent storytelling. With Breath of the Wild 2 on the horizon, now is a great time dive into the first game. We’ve even found the best weapons and armor to help speed up your journey.

Carnival Games — $15, was $40

The holiday season is fast approaching and the need to buy party games is upon many families. Luckily, Carnival Games is a fantastic title that ticks all the boxes and showcases many wonderful, wacky games for groups to dive into and have fun. From bowling to shooting galleries, the game invokes the feeling of wandering a carnival, but from the comfort of your own living room. It’s a hilarious, fun family time that will no doubt brighten the many cold winter evenings to come.


Civilization VI — $15, was $60

Civilization VI: Rise & Fall hands-on preview

Civilization VI was already worth the price of admission, but with $45 off, it’s an absolute steal, especially with the added option to take the game on the go. Players get to create and control their own civilizations as they overtake land and beat their opponents. Not only is the base game included, but a host of bonus content. Vikings, Poland, Australia, Persian, and Macedonia scenario packs are all also included, giving you more for the price and rounding off an excellent package.


Lego The Incredibles — $20, was $40

Every year we’re introduced to new Lego video games, yet, The Incredibles still manages to stand out. The game gives players a chance to enter the Disney world and live out the adventures of both movies. Not only that, but multiple other Disney properties have been included such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo, giving families the option to play as the beloved characters. With jump-in-jump-out co-op, the game is a perfect opportunity for both families and kids to experience some of their favorite stories together.


SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom — $25, was $30

Many won’t recognize that the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise has spawned some brilliant platformers, yet, the remake of Battle for Bikini Bottom shows they’ve aged like a fine wine. The recent remake took the cult-classic, dressed it in a new coat of paint, and has since introduced itself to many new players. With a discount on the Nintendo Switch version, now is the perfect time to take the plunge and see what made the original game such a cult classic. It’s also an incredibly pretty game that invokes the tone and feeling of the show almost perfectly.


Gear Club Unlimited 2 — $25, was $50

Gear Club

If you’re looking for a racing game that’s more grounded, then Gear Club Unlimited 2 is the perfect game. Boasting some gorgeous graphics and stunning cars, the racing game allows you to control your own club of drivers, recruiting many from around the world. As players win races, they’ll level up, unlock new items and speed their way through the leaderboard. For those who feel skilled enough, numerous local multiplayer options allow for the competitive races to take place from your own front room.


Minecraft — $28, was $30


Minecraft is a worldwide phenomenon that people have either played or at least heard of. Now, with the Nintendo Switch version, players have the opportunity to play the game on the go. Not only that, but this version also allows players to grab some Nintendo-themed packs. With these, characters can dress up as various Mario characters and explore a biome that is reminiscent of classic games in the franchise. With everything bundled and the ability to cross-save, Minecraft on the Switch is a perfect excuse to dive into the game again or for the first time.


Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars — $38, was $50

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars

With the Halloween season upon us, Immortal Realm: Vampire Wars is a perfect reason to spend some dark nights inside, playing games. The intricate strategy game takes place across 12 expansive missions, each containing beautifully rendered environments and horrific characters to meet. Using elements from card games, players can recruit new units, command armies, and take over the land. With various gameplay modes, stunning graphics, and compelling gameplay, Immortal Realm: Vampire Wars is well worth your time.


Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze — $45, was $60

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze screenshot 17

The Nintendo Switch is home to many platformers, but most don’t hold a candle to Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. When it was released on the Wii U, the low number of players on the console meant it struggled to find an audience. Giving it a new lease of life on the Nintendo Switch has opened up this wonderful platformer to a new wave of people and showcases just how incredible it was. Sporting responsive controls, inventive level design, and gorgeous graphics, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze manages to be one of the best games on the system, despite originally releasing on console a generation ago.


Super Mario Party — $40, was $60

Most people remember their first Mario Party experience and now the latest entry builds upon the groundwork its predecessors laid out and creates the most comprehensive entry to date. Featuring the original board game mode, multiple minigames, and new features such as a river rapid game, the entire package begs to be played with friends. Mario Party has often been called the best party game created and the reason many others exist now. With the Nintendo Switch’s unique features such as motion controls and HD rumble, Super Mario Party is the best Mario game so far and a tentpole for the genre of party games.


Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! — $45, was $60

Looking for a good Pokemon game to play? Let’s Go Pikachu gives you the chance to be a traveling Pokemon trainer in the Kanto region. While this Switch title isn’t going to be the same as Pokemon Sword and Shield, it is a good game for those who love the franchise. It also allows you to connect your Pokemon Go and transfer anything you’ve caught between the games.

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