Demon’s Souls on PS5: Here’s what’s changing

allSeeing31m ago(Edited 25m ago)

” “Our approach to this is we try and keep the core of the game untouched. With Demon’s Souls, that’s the gameplay, the logic, and the AI, and then everything else is stripped away.”

Is it really a ‘remake’ then? This is pretty much what Halo anniversary did. Revamped the graphics, and you could toggle between the old and new visuals on and off. That was received as a remaster because the core of the game remained the same. This title is being marketed as a ‘remake’.

When I think of remake I think of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. That was completely redone it’s not the same game in new coating. Again, not bashing DS, It’s a classic I beat on PS3. I’m just highlighting what I see.

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