Demon’s Souls PlayStation 5 Interview: Fractured Mode, Sixth Archstone, And More

potatoseal1h ago

Copied this from one of the youtube comments. Might help people go to something they want to find out a bit faster.

– 1:03 From Software has not been involved within the production of the game, staying true to the original vision
– 1:39 The core gameplay, logic and AI remains unchanged, player speed remains the same with only animations changes
– 4:01 Camera can be changed in options between the old, classic Souls-like camera or the new cinematic camera show in trailers
– 4:10 No difficulty options
– 4:55 Option between native 4k (30 FPS) or dynamic 4K (60FPS), although the game maybe slightly easier in dynamic 4K due to the higher frames
– 6:35 Synchronised multiplayer, you can have up to two allies against three invaders
– 6:52 World Tendency remains unchanged, new UI allows the player to easily discern their world tendency. (If online, world tendency is affected by the metadata of all players that are online).
– 7:45 Old Monk remains unchaged
– 8:16 There is no loading times thanks to the PS5’s SSD
– 9:24 Friendly NPCs you have attacked will now calm down after a certain period of time
– 10:00 There are no plans to add the Sixth Archstone World
– 10:29 Fractured Mode – Fractured World, the world is mirrored
– 11:17 New Game Plus exists, gallery/concept art unlocks, in-depth photo mode added (built upon Shadow of Colossus system), you are taken out of photo mode during invasion
– 16:16 Magic doesn’t seem to have changed
– 19:38 Grass system remains within the game
– 20:15 Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Trigger are integrated within Demon’s Souls, said to enhance gameplay
– 23:55 Character creator has been improved, thousands of new permutations have been added

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