Gears 5 Xbox Series X vs. PC Comparison Highlights The Major Difference

ProjectVulcan3m ago(Edited 0m ago)

The most noticeable difference is the floor reflections on Series X which aren’t implemented fully on PC since it’s well over a year old game now.

But looking closer, PC has less blurring over the textures, it has softer and more complete shadows, and it also still has higher detail on the furthest away objects. It also has better ambient occlusion in those shots.

For the shadows notice the woman with one leg up walking in the centre of the scene, on PC her shadow is soft edged (more accurate) and complete. Broken up on Series X.

Look at the archway and the detail of the ornate ceiling supports and moulds above the Marcus character’s head. It’s all finer on PC, for example the tiny moulded cog logos. Through the arch and the upper detail of those supports you can see the ambient occlusion still working properly there but absent on Series X shot with flat colours…..

All in all it’s a boost over the previous best console version on Xbox One X but it hardly beats down a year old PC release on an old version of the Unreal Engine.

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