Get A Free Copy Of Sega Classic Nights Into Dreams On Steam Now

Sega’s 1996 Sega Saturn game, NiGHTS Into Dreams, is a well-regarded cult classic that still stands out, in 2020, as a very unique game. If you’ve never had a chance to play it, Sega’s currently giving it away for free, although you’ll need to register on their site to claim it.

As part of Sega’s on-going 60th anniversary celebrations, registering on the Sega 60th Anniversary website. On the registration screen, you need to pick “Steam” as you preferred system and then log in to your account and give permission–at this point, Nights Into Dreams will be added to your account.

If you pick a different system, you won’t get a free game–but you can log out, revisit the link, and you’ll be able to do it again. Just make sure you pick Steam.

There’s also a huge Sega sale happening on Steam, and you can view some of the hottest offers on the Sega 60 website after registering.

You can also get Sonic 2 for free right now, but you won’t need to register for that–you can just claim it from Steam.

GameSpot reviewed the Xbox 360 HD version of NiGHTS Into Dreams, and gave it a 7/10.

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