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From RPS: “Elite cyber ninja? I died 1423 times in Ghostrunner. Over a seven hour campaign that roughly works out at three deaths a minute. That’s the kind of toll even today’s shower of political leaders would struggle to shrug off. A body count so vast I wonder if I ever actually understood Ghostrunner or simply fluked through. In the same way that I passed my driving test after nine failures: instead of enjoying my right to drive, I remember the nine out of ten people who think I’m a danger to the public. In both cases I feel glum despite the victory.

Ghostrunner’s powers are designed to make you feel cool, but they’re presided over by the angry conductor from Whiplash who throws chairs if you don’t play to his tempo. You can wall-run, grapple hook and knee slide down ramps to turn yourself into a canyon-leaping bullet; all the good stuff that makes Titanfall such a wheeze. But, in platforming segments at least, this isn’t a toolbox to dance around the world, but rather instructions in Simon Says. You learn by rote to survive gnashing Super Meat Boy gauntlets made 3D.”

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