December 2, 2020

Google ‘updates’ Docs and Sheets app icons by placing them on big white plates

When Google announced G Suite successor Workspace, it also took the opportunity to update the icons of its productivity apps, both for consumers and businesses. The new designs are slowly rolling out and have already reached Gmail, Drive, Meet, and Chat on many people’s phones and computers. The latest design updates to hit Android phones are the Docs and Sheets icons, and boy, they’re a regression.

As 9to5Google first spotted, the new icons are barely different from what we got before on the web and the Android app splash screen — the drop shadow coming from the icons’ earmarks is gone and the spacing and thickness of each app’s pictograms has changed ever so slightly.


Left: Old. Middle: New. Right: Adaptive icon comparison.

But the Android app launcher icons have seen a more considerate update. Instead of stretching each icon’s background across the full adaptive icon mask as it used to be done, the redesigned icons are displayed in their full page-shaped glory, complete with a white background around it. That makes the new design stand right in line with other recent redesigns (remember the old Google Maps logo?), but it’s a bummer nonetheless — two more icons on our homescreens are now no longer colorful, making our launchers look a little duller and apps harder to tell apart.

The new icons are part of version 1.20.422.01 for both applications. If you’re eager to see them on your phone, you can download the updates from APK Mirror (Docs, Sheets) or wait until they roll out to you via the Play Store. It’s probably only a matter of time until Slides joins in.

Google Docs
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Google Sheets

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