Here’s How Long You Have Left To Check Out Quibi

Quibi is shutting down, having been around for about as long as it takes to speak the following three sentences: “wait, what’s Quibi? Oh, that sounds dumb. Wait, it has a Reno 911 reboot?” If you’d like to check that Reno 911 reboot out, there’s still time–but not a lot of it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the streaming provider’s customer service page within the app had updated with an expected shutdown date. The app is likely to go down “on or around Dec. 1,” meaning that it’ll be gone before the end of 2020.

In some countries (such as Australia), Quibi has a free tier that’s ad-supported, so you can jump right in. If you’re in the US, Quibi is $5 a month.

Thankfully, not having much time is no problem with Quibi, since each episode is 10 minutes long or shorter.

Quibi struggled to have any real impact on customers, who didn’t, it turns out, want to watch a remake of The Fugitive broken down into small installments. The service also allowed every show to be watched in horizonal or vertical format, which is an interesting feature.

If you end up checking out Quibi as it fades away, give Flipped a watch–it was the standout show at launch.

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