Kirby Fighters 2 review – ChristCenteredGamer

CCG writes – “Kirby Fighters 2 includes a cast of over 20 characters; most of them are Kirby with different abilities, but there are also partners that you can unlock as well (Bandana Dee, Gooey, Magalor, Meta Knight, and King DeDeDe). Each character functions differently on the battlefield. Sword, for instance, is a swordfighter that can charge his attack in order to send foes flying but is more suited for close combat. On the other hand, you have characters like Beam and Bomb, who are better at zoning (attacking via long-range attacks) opponents. In each battle, you will fight using your abilities; unique abilities and moves usually utilize the B button, though some characters have air-based moves and moves based on dashing into others. You can also use Kirby’s inhale attack to eat opponents and spit them out (no copying abilities other than yours, though!), and dodge and defend too. The goal is to reduce your opponent’s health to zero, either through moves, items, or stage hazards.”

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