Microsoft’s The Initiative Hires Two Former Naughty Dog Staff

ClayRules201219m ago(Edited 12m ago)

No, I wouldn’t say their loss. And I wouldn’t say their morons for going with Microsoft. If I was a game developer, I personally would prefer to go with Sony, where I believe I’d be challenged in the best way possible, no matter the studio I’m placed in. They have the best talent in the world, I believe.

However, with Microsoft, I wouldn’t gamble on that. But honestly, thinking about it more. Maybe stepping in that lions den would offer a challenge in different areas for this coming generation that would benefit many for the better. And allowing devs to change it up offers more opportunities for others to come in, like with this, try new things, experience and showcase their unique talents, and that’s how new talent is discovered and the engines keep moving and moving.

However, I think it’s a good thing (as with the industry) devs are always moving around after projects, no one just stays at the same studio forever. Well, some do, but many in audio, artists, graphics, gameplay all go to many different studios, which is never a bad thing. I can understand as fans of certain studios it can be a a hard pill to swallow to see someone you’ve seen in videos, or known in the sense of Years at the studio being the face of this studios games, hyping up and explaining to fans how this games coming along, how the teams functioning as a whole, how the game is evolving over time etc.. I was that way with Bruce from Naughty Dog. I’m still that way with Neil, Evan and a few others at the studio, not because I’m a ND fanboy and am like “They must NEVER leave ND or SONY. Otherwise, DAMN them to heck!” That’s so childish and idiotic. I just have known them for being at that studio for so long, that’s where I was introduced to them, and I seen the passion they have for the people there, the freedom they’ve earned while working there, with all the hard work they’ve put into their games. It’s all earned. Bruce took time off after U4’s release and than wrote that beautiful goodbye letter. He wanted to start a new chapter in his career, good for him. But he’ll always be a “Dog” for life as he said. He’s earned that.

Devs change studios all the time. Microsoft to Sony. Sony to Microsoft. Rockstar to Ubisoft, Ubisoft to Rockstar. Crystal Dynamics to Sony Santa Monica, Sony Santa Monica to Crystal Dynamics and so on, in all different departments. It doesn’t mean that studio like Microsoft’s the “Initiative“ will deliver a bad game, and it doesn’t mean they’ll deliver a great game. They’ll deliver a game, which hopefully with all the talent on board, and hopefully freedom from Microsoft and a good/fair budget and the power of Next Gen, allows them to deliver on their vision and meet their own expectations. Will they accomplish and surpass all they set out to do across the board with flying colors? Who knows, who cares really. Gamers on Xbox just want real new iPs that offer fresh gaming experiences that are fun and great. And as a gamer on PS5, I simply want that for my fellow gamers on Xbox.

Don’t be concerned with which studios this specific (insert named individual developer goes too… Well (EA Bad lol) jokes aside, just hope their contribution and the entire team as a whole can produce collectively something great new & fun for gamers. Period.

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