PS2 Was Released 20 Years Ago and It’s Still the Best Selling Video Game Console Ever Made

ApocalypseShadow7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

Urban Reign baby! That Tekken and Soul Calibur team joint venture. Such a fun combat engine that should have lead to a sequel or used in another Bandai Namco fighting game. Or at least some of the characters brought into the Tekken series as unlockable through play.

What I’d like to see is four games updated from PS2: Genji. Such a good looking game with combat timing like with Tsushima. Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex. Why we don’t have an awesome Gits game on PS4 with a deep storyline is anyone’s guess. I want to play as Motoko or Batou. Also, Blood Will Tell. A hidden gem of a game.

And, here it comes hit out into left field… Macross PS2. Course, I’d have to import the game like last time if it was ever made as Harmony Gold is such suckers with the Robotech license in the US that a Macross game would never cross the ocean.

Just think, a VR Macross game or even Robotech game that plays as fast as the 3 missions in Ace Combat 7 VR mode. Makes a man salivate from the missile ballot thinking I’m Rick, Max or Roy. Seeing the SDF-1 in VR at full size would be awesome.…
Sega and Bandai Namco need to get on it.

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