PS5 DualSense Has An Easter Egg So Small You Probably Can’t Even See It

The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller packs a host of new features, making it one of the key differentiators for the next generation. But now that we’ve gotten our hands on it ourselves, we’ve seen that it also packs an Easter egg that’s so small and imperceptible that you probably wouldn’t notice it. Just take a look at the grips along the back of the controller.

The back of the PS5 DualShock controller

See that textured surface, ostensibly meant to help your grip during those sweaty-palmed segments in Demon’s Souls? AKA all of Demon’s Souls? Computer, enhance!

Wait, what's that?
Wait, what’s that?

Yes, that textured grip is actually made up of hundreds upon hundreds of tiny Xs, Os, Triangles, and Squares–the four classic face buttons of the PlayStation logo, which have come to symbolize the PlayStation brand itself. You can’t say the company didn’t pay attention to detail.

The more noticeable new additions for the DualSense controller are some of the internal changes that will enhance gameplay. It includes adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, which promises more subtle vibrations and tension added to the triggers for things like racing games or drawing back a bow. Lots of developers have outlined how they plan to use the features. Of course, someone has already torn one apart too.

For more on the PS5, including how to get your hands on one (and its teeny-tiny PlayStation logo grips), check out our PS5 preorder guide.

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