Sony Details PS5 Accessibility Settings

The PlayStation 5 begins its global rollout on November 12, and as that date approaches we’re finding out more and more about Sony’s next-gen system. Now, Sony has given us some insight into the system’s in-build accessibility features, and how they’ll make the system easier to use for disabled players.

While the PS4 had text to speech, the PS5 also has a voice dictation system, which allows you to convert speech to text. There’s also a Screen Reader function, which lets users hear on-screen text that they might not be able to read, and deaf users will have the option of typing out text messages that will then be spoken out loud for other players in multiplayer.

These features will also support multiple languages, Sony has announced, so they’ll be part of the system’s global feature set.

Button assignment and closed caption features will also be available, as well as color correction. You can program preferred presets for common settings, which will be remembered across numerous supported games.

The PlayStation 5 DualSense features haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, but for players who have issues with these features, they’ll be able to reduce or disable these features.

PlayStation 5 preorder allotments are currently sold out, so if you haven’t already ordered one, you’ll likely have to wait until 2021.

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