Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 1 Breakdown & References – “That Hope Is You, Part 1”

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 takes Michael Burnham 930 years into the future to the year 3188. After coming through the wormhole, Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) crashes into a ship belonging to Cleveland “Book” Booker (David Ajala), causing them both to crash land on the planet Hima. Book is a courier, on a mission to repatriate his stolen cargo. He has a cat named Grudge, and a mysterious connection to plants and animals.

Book informs Burnham that The Federation collapsed over a hundred years ago, after an event called The Burn. This was the day that most of the dilithium exploded. Lost and alone, Burnham asks Book for help to locate and contact her ship, the USS Discovery. Chastity and Greg recap the story and comb through Episode 1 for Easter eggs and Star Trek references.

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