The iPhone 12 Pro can measure people’s height — here’s how

The dating game may never be the same again, that’s right: the iPhone 12 Pro can measure people’s height.

One of the new features on Apple’s most recent premium handset was the introduction of a LiDAR sensor. If you’re uncertain of what this is, we put together a rather handy explainer here, but basically, LiDAR is like a light version of sonar.

The lens fires out beams and then tracks how long they take to return. This allows the computer to understand and map the space, as it can accurately measure the shape and distance between things.

And that, friends, is how the iPhone 12 Pro is able to measure people’s height. (This is the part where I shake my head, say “technology,” and stuff a pipe).

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I’ve got an iPhone 12 Pro — how can I measure people’s height?

First off: odd question. I’m not sure just because you can measure people’s height that you should. But hey, I’m here to pass on information, not be the arbiter of what you do with said knowledge.

Let’s get into it. Your opening move is firing up the Measure app on your iPhone 12 Pro (or 2020 iPad Pro, as that has a LiDAR sensor too). Then make sure the person you’re measuring is fully in frame. At this point (but be patient), the Measure app should notice the person and give you their height.

Like this: