These custom plates let you get away from the PS5’s white color scheme

PS5 PlateStation

  • A company called PlateStation is selling colored plates for the PS5.
  • You have four color options: Chromatic, Cherry Red, Indigo Blue and Matte Black.
  • A single set costs $39.99.

The PlayStation 5 isn’t out yet, but you can already buy something to customize the next-gen console. A company called PlateStation has unveiled a set of custom plates that allow you to add a dash a color to the PS5’s normally white exterior (via Engadget). The plates come in four colors: Chromatic, Cherry Red, Indigo Blue and Matte Black. A single set will cost you $39.99.

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Installation is presumably as simple as popping off the PS5’s existing white plates and putting in place the new ones. One thing to keep in mind is that the plates aren’t an official Sony accessory, so it’s probably best to wait and hear what other people say about them before you pay the $40 they cost. But if you feel like taking a chance now, the company offers a 10-day return policy.

PlateStation’s offering is likely the first of many customization options we’ll see for the PS5. In fact, you already have companies like DBrand offering custom wraps for the console. So if the plates don’t strike your fancy, you should have plenty of other options.

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