This new technology may restore trust in photos and videos against the rise of deepfakes

Truepic Breakthrough Charts a Path for Restoring  Trust in Photos and Videos at Internet Scale 

First Native Integration of Hardware-Secured Photo Capture in a Mobile Device Paves the  Way for Enabling Authenticity for the Trillion-Plus Photos Taken on Smartphones Annually;  Allows Dissemination of Authentic Content as a Viable, Scalable Countermeasure to  Visual Disinformation, Image Fraud, and Deepfakes 

SAN DIEGO, October 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Today, Truepic Inc., the leader in  provenance-based photo and video authentication, announced that it has  successfully achieved the world’s first native integration of hardware-secured photo  capture in a prototype mobile device, powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™  865 5G Mobile Platform. The device produces photos with cryptographically-sealed  provenance data whose authenticity can be verified by recipients. 

The announcement marks a watershed moment in society’s battle against deceptive  photos and videos, be they “deepfakes” or “cheapfakes”. Deceptive visual content is an  imminent danger that is eroding trust on the internet, which can impede everything  from transacting online to making important personal, financial, and even political  decisions. 

“The world is digitizing most human interactions, a trend that has only accelerated  during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Jeff McGregor, CEO of Truepic. “Simultaneously,  we have seen a rapid growth in visual deception, fraud and disinformation online.  These two trends cannot safely co-exist without a trust mechanism to help protect  those capturing and viewing images. Today’s announcement represents the future of  digital imagery on the internet—and a scalable, long-term solution to the problem of  visual deception online.” 

According to Infotrends, 85% of all pictures taken in 2017estimated at over 1.2 trillion  photos—were captured on smartphones. The figure underscores the critical role that  smartphone photography plays in online visual communication. Securing photo  capture in hardware and integrating it as a native feature of the smartphone can put  the technology in everyone’s hands, while fortifying it against malicious attacks and hacking. The widespread adoption of the technology can provide a strong, secure  foundation upon which to rebuild trust in visual media at the scale of the internet.  

This breakthrough milestone was achieved with the new Truepic® Foresight™  system, the hardware-secured version of the patent-pending, next-generation of  Truepic’s award-winning Controlled Capture technology. Truepic integrated Foresight into the Snapdragon 865 reference design, taking advantage of the underlying  hardware security. The Truepic Foresight system features: 

  1. The Truepic Foresight trusted application firmware for the Qualcomm®  Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) of Snapdragon 865 
  2. The Truepic Foresight middleware for the Android™ operating system 3. The Truepic Foresight Certificate Authority cloud service 
  3. A modified version of the device’s native camera app 

Foresight leverages the cutting-edge hardware security features of Snapdragon 865,  including the secure hardware pipeline of the Qualcomm Spectra™ camera 480  Image Signal Processor (ISP), which is resistant to image data and operational control  tampering.  

“This development paves the way for visual content consumers to determine the  trustworthiness of photos and accurately discern authentic versus forged content,”  said Manvinder Singh, Vice President, Product Management, Qualcomm  Technologies, Inc. “We are pleased that Snapdragon is providing the platform on  which this crucial deepfake countermeasure is being developed.” 

The Foresight capability is accessible through a new “Secure” capture mode in the  device’s native camera app. Engaging this mode and pressing the capture button  produces a digital photo that contains cryptographically-sealed provenance data,  

formatted in accordance with emerging open standards. The data allows a recipient  to authenticate the pixels, date and time, geolocation, and 3D depth map that were  securely-acquired and sealed into the file at the time of capture.  

With the power and breadth of the Snapdragon ecosystem, Truepic Foresight  achieves unprecedented levels of hardware-based security and resilience for media  capture, scalability to hundreds of millions of devices across price tiers, deep integration as a native feature of the smartphone without requiring the installation of  a 3rd party camera app, and a privacy-first architecture that forgoes the need to  uniquely identify the user or the device.  

About Truepic 

Truepic develops the world’s most secure camera technology for mobile devices. We  empower viewers to make better-informed decisions through high integrity photos &  videos. Truepic Vision, our flagship product, enables our partners to instantly gather  and view trusted visual documentation from anywhere in the world. Our team is  dedicated to restoring trust in every pixel of consequence, with the goal of having a  shared sense of visual reality across the internet by 2030. 

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