Top Game Franchises That Should Make A Triumphant Return On PS5

Abnor_Mal9m ago

Agreed, I would also add for myself Killzone1-3. A remade Killzone1 with four campaigns each playing out a little dirrerent to the others, with today’s graphic 3D sounds and haptics/tension different for each character. Each having more or less trigger tension than the other. Rico and Jan Templar trigger pulls more tension, versus Hakka and Shadow Marshal Luger.

Resistance trilogy the only thing I didn’t like was in the third when saying good bye to my son and he cries “daddy”, it sounds like a grown man, which for me broke that moments immersion because I started laughing. Hopefully we get remakes of these two series along with their PSP/Vita games.

I’ve also been pining for remakes of Syphon Filter, and Jet Moto but don’t know if the latter is a Sony owned IP.

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