Xbox Series X Will Prove Whether Exclusives Matter

ApocalypseShadow21h ago

Maybe, just maybe obscure, the God fall developer put the game on PS5 to… I don’t know..SELL IT. It’s not a PS Now game or Plus game.

There’s not an option on PS5 because gamers on PlayStation are willing to buy games if they are good. Xbox fans are being GROOMED to rent games for a monthly fee. See, when I want a game, I buy it. I don’t want to be dependent on paying a monthly fee or online to access a game. We would be willing to buy a great $70 complete game that doesn’t have mtx or is broken that needs constant patching.

Darth, if it’s Netflix of games, that means you don’t need to buy games. That’s what you are being groomed to accept. A subscription over owning, lending or trading in.

Just like your team readily accepted paying for online and got nothing in return for ten years. Just like your team readily accepted .99 cent horse armor. Just like your team readily accepted paying for the rest of the game(dlc) because the content didn’t fit on a DVD like it would for Blu-ray. Every time Xbox fans got the industry used to getting fleeced, we all ended up paying for it.

I’d bet it was PlayStation fans that was against loot boxes just like we were against DRM 2013. It’s even PlayStation fans that pushed and embarrassed Microsoft enough that they went out and finally started buying or increasing their first party studios. You can thank us later.

But if you guys get used to subscriptions over buying like you are bending over backwards for, what do you think is next for gamers in the future because of you? Are you going to buy these exclusives Microsoft is making? Or, are you going to play them on Game Pass? Serious question?

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