October 23, 2020

You can now try out Google’s debloated Gmail Go app, even if your phone doesn’t run Android Go

Almost everybody uses essential Google apps like Gmail and YouTube, but not everyone has access to a high-end smartphone with top-of-the-line specs. To account for this, Google started creating “Go” versions of popular apps that are optimized to run on devices with less RAM and processing power. While a few of these apps are restricted to users with budget devices, it looks like Google has decided that all Android users should be able to try out Gmail Go for themselves.

The Gmail Go app provides an almost identical experience to the standard Gmail app, but takes up less storage and should make use of less RAM as well. We did a hands-on with Gmail Go when it launched back in 2018, and though the app’s design has been overhauled since then, many of the minute differences remain, such as how Gmail Go doesn’t use depth to indicate visual hierarchy, since that would prove too great a burden on less-powerful processors.

Left: Gmail   Right: Gmail Go

Savvy observers will also notice that there’s no Google Meet tab, either. That’s right: even Google realizes that it’s just bloat that’s rendered unnecessary in a lightweight app. While most users probably shouldn’t download Gmail Go just to get rid of the Meet tab (there’s an easier way to do it), it’s cool to see Google giving folks the option to try it out for themselves. Download Gmail Go from APK Mirror or the Play Store if you’re curious to give it a shot. Now if only Google would release Camera Go to the general public. 😍

Gmail Go
Gmail Go

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