Aviator, Corsair helped boost Lincoln’s market share in 2020

Aside from the fresh product, executives say Lincoln was able to dodge the worst business effects of the pandemic because it had implemented remote customer service experiences that other brands had to figure out on the fly.

Lincoln announced in 2016 that it would offer pickup and delivery of all models, and executives say the number of times customers have used the service has grown 50 percent year over year since. As of Nov. 1, the brand completed more than 200,000 pickups or deliveries this year, including roughly 23,000 in October.

“This is a service our clients truly value and one our collective team really leaned on — and continues to lean on — this year,” Michael Sprague, Lincoln’s North America director, said last week.

Also, early this year, the brand was piloting a remote sales experience through AutoFi, slowly rolling it out in targeted markets. Lincoln pivoted when the pandemic struck.

“We went very quickly from phased launch to full launch across the nation,” Falotico said.

Despite the successes, there’s cause for concern. The brand has struggled with models such as the Nautilus midsize crossover, which sits in the largest luxury segment. The vehicle was redesigned two years ago, but sales have fallen 31 percent so far this year.

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