Can DIY Storage Save You Money on the Xbox Series X?

RazzerRedux20h ago

Short answer: no.

“It’s also a lot of disassembly to get to the storage in the Xbox Series X. And you’ll need to source and reapply some fairly specialized thermal putty to a whole layer cake of heat-dissipating components on your way back out. You’ll likely have to run some scripts to get the box to recognize a new drive. But it’s not soldered onto the board, as with the PlayStation 5. At some point, you could replace it if something bigger is available, or if it died.

Finally, and this is the most important point right now (made by Technical Writer Carsten Frauenheim during our teardown): there’s nothing you can really upgrade to at this point. It’s in an odd form factor, but Microsoft is not saddling you with cheap, slow storage that, if you were only brave enough, you could improve. One terabyte of storage, at these speeds, on a board this small, is the best you can fit into a $500 console (one Microsoft doesn’t make money on, no less).”

More important answer: don’t even try until your XSX is out of warranty.

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