Ferrari’s SF90 Stradale plug-in hybrid supercar gets convertible version

Ferrari said the aerodynamic development of the SF90 Stradale Spider had the goals of maintaining the SF90 coupe’s performance levels with the hardtop deployed and to minimize aerodynamic turbulence and noise with the top retracted.

Optimization of flows in the mid-rear engine bay was also necessary because the hardtop compartment radically changes flows in the engine bay.

Ferrari said the SF90 Stradale Spider’s styling when the hardtop is deployed is the same as the coupe even though the new car incorporates stowage for the hardtop and its lever system.

Interior dimensions have been slightly modified: the cockpit has been shifted forwards, the roof is 0.8 inches lower than the coupe, the A-posts are more slender and the windscreen is more raked.

The SF90 Stradale Spider also has a dedicated racetrack specification called Assetto Fiorano (Fiorano is the Ferrari-owned test track).

The Assetto Fiorano includes the addition of lighter materials which reduce the car’s weight by 46 pounds, adjustable shock absorbers, a carbon fiber rear spoiler and track tires.

Ferrari expects a high proportion of the convertible’s sales will be the Assetto Fiorano version, just as for the coupe.

The SF90 Stradale coupe’s Assetto Fiorano versions account for about 40 percent of orders, a much higher level than expected. Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri said on the automaker’s third-quarter earnings call on Nov 3.

Camilleri said the SF90 Stradale currently has the youngest customer order base across Ferrari’s range. “That might be linked to hybridization and it is very encouraging,” he said.

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