First PS5 Overheating Stories Emerging

RazzerRedux14m ago(Edited 3m ago)

Nonsense. The reddit link is all over the place with various issues. The title and the article pretend this is all about overheating. That’s plainly false. So ultimately you are reporting that PS5 has reports of multiple issues by various people. No shit. That is not news. Anyone who googles the problem will find they are “not alone”. If every single isolated incident was reported on n4g then this place would be overflowing with articles. This is why every article has been failed in this regard. I’ve submitted a ticket for this one to be looked at as well.


“Well good on you RazzerRedux, I am pleased to know that you ran tattling to the mods because you didn’t like the article.”

Isn’t a matter of not liking it. It is a bullshit clickbait article.


I reported it, but this guy’s pals forced it through approval and broke the rules by marking my report as ‘fixed’. No integrity to this site at all.

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