Godfall will use 12GB of VRAM at 4K Ultra settings – The RTX 3080 has 10GB…

RonsonPL9h ago

Asking if a 700€ card having 10GB at the end of 2020 is like asking “Do I need to breathe?”

Of course it is a scam by Nvidia. Such expensive card should not be heavily limited in just 1-2 years, and when games designed for next-gen consoles are released, that 10GB will not only force you to lower the settings down from ultra, but there will even be bad PC ports which will cause severe stutter or other issues on cards with 8 and 10GB.
I wouldn’t spend more than 300€ now for a graphics card with less than 12GB.

Sadly AMD doesn’t want to do what’s right and instead of offering their cards at non-inflated prices, they went for Nvidia pricing. But at least they give 16GB, so you can enjoy your high-end card as a high-end card in 2022. Back in the days, the 384MB versions of 8800 were very cheap so the offer was fair. You could also get 3GB 1060 way cheaper than 1060 although this was still a bad choice for most cases. Now? Let’s give them 10GB “high end” card so they have to give us money again a year or two from now.

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