Wonder Woman 1984 Might Be Coming To HBO Max And Movie Theaters On The Same Day – Report

It’s been something many have speculated would happen. It looks like , the next DC universe film, will be premiering on the HBO Max streaming service on December 25, 2020. However, it will also be available in movie theaters that are open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The news was first reported in a , who stumbled upon a trailer for the movie on YouTube, which reveals the HBO Max release. The video is now listed as private on YouTube, though GameSpot has reached out to Warner Bros for confirmation.

The release of Wonder Woman 1984 has been something fans of the character played by Gal Gadot have been excited about for quite a while, only for . Originally, the film was supposed to hit theaters in 2019. However, it was delayed until June 5, before moving again to August 14 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It then shifted to October 2, before settling on the current December 25 release date. However, with many theaters not open, there was speculation it would be pushed even further into .

Instead, it seems like Warner Bros. is using a similar tactic as Disney did with the digital release of Mulan. Unlike the Mulan release, though, it’s worth noting that the alleged release date title card says the film will be available at no extra cost to HBO Max subscribers. To watch Mulan, Disney+ subscribers had to pay an extra $30 for access to the film.

As it stands, the move to offer Wonder Woman both in theaters and on HBO Max has not been officially announced by Warner Bros. Regardless, the release date for the film, at the moment, remains December 25.

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