Xbox Needs Its Own Version of the DualSense

Profchaos33m ago(Edited 31m ago)

It’s not really the haptics for me that does it. They are a nice evolution over rumble and displaying directionality having a vibration start on one side then progress through your hand but for me personally it’s the resistance triggers that show the biggest leap in tech I love them when shooting guns there’s the tough spot then a snap through basically the first 25% of the trigger pull is tough then snaps to nothing every shot feels meaningful and impactful as a result for me.

I know there’s a lot of confusion about duelsense triggers being haptic or resistive because the argument that even Linus was promoting is that Xbox has haptic triggers already and he had to be corrected.

I really hope this is adopted for all games but some like watchdogs really show a lack of use of the feature by a third party but I think they rushed the whole game as haptics and resistance is missing from most everything outside of gunfights

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