November 24, 2020

Youtube Premium subscribers can claim a free Stadia Premiere Edition bundle in the UK

Google likes bundling freebies with its products and services. In the past few months, Pixel 5 and 4a 5G buyers got a bunch of service subscriptions for free with their purchase, Chromebook owners were able to redeem three months of YouTube Premium, Google One subscribers got three months of Stadia Pro, and some YouTube Premium users received a free channel membership and/or a Nest Mini. Another promo is joining the fray today, also for YouTube Premium subscribers but only in the UK (for now), letting them redeem a Stadia Premiere Edition bundle for free instead of its original £89.99 price.

The promo was spotted by @GemStadia several days ago but only started going live today. Users are getting a message upon opening the YouTube app that tells them they can claim their freebie, but don’t despair if you don’t see that. You can still manually visit this URL and see if the offer is available to you.

Again, that currently only works in the UK. Other users have tried to access that page in the US, France, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, etc…, and have been met with a message telling them they’re not eligible for the offer. We don’t know if Google plans to widen this freebie’s availability or if that might be tied to a different URL in every country, perhaps.

A terms and conditions screenshot shared by Twitter user @RandomNoobYT shows that you need to be a paid YouTube Premium member since November 6, so new subscribers or those on a free trial will probably be out of luck. Current reports from those who’ve tried it line up with that. On the upside, if you have a family Premium membership, every user seems to be able to claim their own freebie. Neat.

Once you accept the offer, you’ll have to wait an hour for a redemption link for the Stadia Premiere Edition on the UK Google Store. You have until the end of the year to use it and get your gift.

If you’re still ambivalent about Stadia, this seems like a good way to test the waters. You can also read more about the Pro and free tiers and check games’ availability in our exhaustive Stadia roundup. But if all else fails, you’d still have a free Chromecast Ultra, and that seems to be worth the few clicks on its own.

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